Sarah.Look at the name


Look at the name and what do you think?

What do I think?




Attention seeker,




Attention avoider,



The name is built on self-doubt.

The name resonates in my ears with sadness,

Because nothing's wrong with Sarah.

So then why does she feel this way?

She takes a step and is told it was in the wrong direction.

She's blinded,


To the fact that she controls her own path,

No one else.

Yet, however hard you might try,

You cannot change the price of a dollar

Simply because you think it's worth more.


Unless, you never make a trade.

No one can price what you hold as invaluable,

And that's something Sarah has to learn.

Though she's one of many, 

There is no one like her,

And she cannot be told what she is worth.

Sarah is shy,

No matter how she fights it, she cares what people think.

Sarah is artistic,

And she sings and paints to express herself.

Sarah is reserved,

Because too many people have broken her trust.

Sarah is ardent,

About the beliefs she has accumulated 

Sarah is hilarious,

Because she's like her father who raised her.


This name belongs to a person.

Who has risen and fallen,

Who is insecure and confident,

Who has a lot to overcome,

And has so much she's triumphed already.

I am learning how to live.

I am setting my path.

I am rising to any challenge.

I Am.

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