I am a believer.

Yes we all seem to say,

"This generation believes in nothing.

We have no hope.

Nothing can be changed.

We are nothing."

They stare at their phones

texing these meaningless messages

"What's up, nothing much, brb, lol, ha ha smiley face emoji".

We have an entire universe of knowledge in our hands

and choose to simply post a selfie on our snapchat stories.


I am a believer in the ability of my generation

to as a new being,

to no longer be mocked as vain and self-centered humans.

I am a believer in change.

We are soon to be emerging adults

as the majority of us still mock each other

through bullying and hate of those unlike ouselves.

I am a believer in those around me

to become caring individuals

who tend to the world

who care about matters

other than the amount of "followers" on their Instagrams.


I am a believerin the call to take action.

We as a whole must get up from or bes,

shut off our Tumblr accounts,

ignore our social anxiety,

and be the difference our world needs.

I am a believer in living out my words.

I will be the start;

I will make a change;

I have hope and will be hope to others

I am not nothing; this generation is not nothing.

We are strong and we can change the world.


I am a believer in our world-changing possibilities.

I do not believe in being held back by my social anxieties.

I do not believe in being held back by my lack of self-esteem.

I will not let the nay-sayers of other generations bring me down.

I have been told countless times,

"You won't be picked.

You aren't good enough.

You can't change the world."

Well I am.

And I won't let my past cynics stop me.

I have decided to make a difference,

and I will.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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