I will not be placed

Into some neat little box. 


I will not fit.


I am not conventional, 

I will not go along with the flow, 

Biting my tongue and silencing my views.


I will not stand to be invalidated, 

Nor am I wittled to nothing.


I will be me. 


Everything that encompasses a person,

All the traits,



They make us human.


I am smart.

Excel in school, 

Do this, 

Do that, 

Be smarter be better be the best.


I am outspoken,

Do not stand for injustice,

Do not bite my tongue 

Turn my cheek 

I will stand tall.


I am friendly.

Lending a hand

Outreaching to those in need



Trying to improve a bleak world.


I learn where I can.

I am a fixer.

A believer.

A problem solver that will not stop.

A friend that will fight to the death

To defend somebody.


I am myself in all aspects

Not to be changed,



You will not place me into a box,

I am not to conform

To suit another's wishes. 


I am a human being

That stands up 

Stands tall

Stands strong.


I am magnificent

I am myself

I am.


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