Your Approval Isn't Needed

First of all, I don’t act how I look.

I’m a girl, but I don’t clean or cook.

I don’t like to shop or put on makeup;

How I look for the day is how I wake up.

I’d rather play sports with the guys

Than stay in the kitchen and cook pies

Since when has sports only been a man’s thing anyway?

Seems like all they’re worried about is finding a bae.

I refuse to go along with the stereotypical thought of a girl.

Not all of us watch romantic movies and wear pearls.

You need to watch your weight and be skinny, they said,

Psh, I’d rather stuff my face with cookie dough and lay in bed.

However you look naturally is always perfect,

Society as a whole is the one that needs to reflect

On the way it makes us see who we are

Because some people don’t like it and start to make scars.

The media has got girls worried about the thoughts of others;

What they need to realize is that they don’t need the approval from another.

They only need themselves to make each other happy,

And they should never listen to anything that makes them feel crappy.

I love sports and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty,

I’ve never gotten my nails done to look all flirty.

I just love to be myself and do what I love to do.

Your life becomes a lot happier when you ignore society, who knew.

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Our world


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