My Faith

Be edgy, be normal, be cool, and show raw emotion

They say. You can only be happy by doing

What is correct and accepted by others. Under this commotion

I have faith and am at peace


Becasue of my faith I do things differently

And I do not follow the now, the instant,

The temporary. I try to dress modesly

Becasue I have faith and I am at peace


Ou are a hater- you are, what you believe is not charity

They say. But they are wrong, I love, I accept

All, I strive for the pure love of Christ. The severity

Of life is tempered because I have faith and I am at peace.


You are peculiar, you are wrong, you cannot serve

They say. Why is their hate-filled speech, not hate?

I Love, I support, their cause is just I observe

I have faith and I am at peace


Faith is bad business, faith will cost you in the end

They say. Hate is from you, not us, becasue you are not accepted

I say neither was Christ, He was killed but his strength did lend

To my faith and I am at peace

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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