You Think You Know Me

To people on the outside looking in

I am just another black kid

To the world I am just another statistic

Another kid who the black stereotype

No father, one hard working mother raising two kids by herself

But all those people don't know me

They just label me

You can judge me only if you know the real me

I am a teenager lost in this world still trying to find himself

Missing his other half trying to find someone or something to fill the void

I am emotional but no one knows because "only females have emotions"

Some may look at the people around me and think "wow he has a lot of friends"

When in reality there's only a handful of people in my inner circle

I am a nice guy with a bad and dark side

Some call me crazy or weird just because I'm the opposite of what they expected

I don't let my past define me

I just do everything I can to become successful

To rewrite the statistics and destroy the stereotypes

Because I am a contradiction to your beliefs

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