I am who I say I am

I am who I say I am...
I am beautiful and loving because ,
Well because when I was looking for love it couldn't be found.

I am who I say am...
I am a wise mother of two..
Although when I had my first child I was talked about with disgust as if I'm not still one of you..

I am who I say I am ..
I am humble and generous because that's my genetic make up.

I like to encourage & influence my young people to be brave and stand up!!

I am who I say I am because thats all I can be,
Love me or hate me I'm still gone be me!

I am who I say I am if I wasn't then why would I say I am..? I am respectful and honorable everyday I am ..
It took me years to discover exactly who I am.

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My community
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