I am We

I am reckless, I am uncautious

I am limitless, no where near flawless

I am just one of them.

Just one of those no-good kids

Who hang in alleyways in their beat up kicks

I am a generation of self-destruction

Who cannot form a proper introduction

Who only goes outside to get high

Who finds it's easier to lie

Who will deny what there is to hide in between her thighs

A sin I am

That is what you say I am

You've looked into my eyes as if you've seen it all

As if I am empty beneath these put up walls

Of stereotypes filled with unjustified spite

You did not hear a word yet, but you believe your sight

My beat up jeans let you judge my inside

As a book is defined by its cover, you believe I might be

But do my tired eyes reveal that I have tried

To stay up past five to study my cosines

Or do they simply mirror a stoner and let your assumptions take over

I am not who you see

I am not your perception you let give you direction

It's an infection to the generation above us

Who blame the world's hatred on us when they never learned to love us

I am the change

I am the generation beyond what you see

I am we

The kids who fight greed

Who will lead and succeed and have troubles to beat

Of the prejudice against youth

But I am me

And not who you say I will be




This poem is about: 
Our world


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