Dear Monster Within,

This poem is about: 



Dear Monster Within,


I am who you are.

You are what I am.

I am you and you are me.

Together, we are invincible.

Apart, I am invisible.


You are my identity.

We are two parts of a single entity.

When the world is screaming obscenities,

it’s your familiar embrace that brings me serenity


We are. I am.

Dysfunctional, yet beautiful.

You take away my pain better than any pharmaceutical

Without you I might as well plan my own funeral

Because living without you is delusional


You are my addiction

You are my happiness and pain

A bittersweet contradiction

The doctors try to take you away by writing another prescription


And sometimes I want you to go away

From my past I can try to run

But without you, who am I?

I am nothing. No one.


Or so I thought. 


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