Monster in the Making

I am an experiment, nothing more.

A sitting duck, waiting to be cooked and seasoned to perfection. 

I tell people I am not a monster, but I don't know

Who I'm trying to convince: them or myself. I am results

Scripted down in a lab book. My heart aches from incisions and 

Stitches. I have been re-sewn together time after time,

Like a sweater falling apart.

Soon all of the scars of my past will

Encompass my entire body until

I am a twisted like image of myself. 


But people change, like the seasons,

And with freedom I was

Given an opportunity to be born again. 

I shed my skin that was scarred like Frankenstien's

Monster and was baptised in a new body.

I am strong. I am willful and courageous.

I have overcome this world.

I am beautiful. I bathe in

Sunlight and caress the Earth. 

I am who I am and no one 

Will ever take that away from 


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