My background

I am from the judge life.

Where "You live, and you learn life"

I am from long nights and early mornings.

No sleep with loud noises.

I am from the late nights of crime. 

Killings on each corner.

I am from the hard times, growing up as a child.

I am me! Can you understand? I am Johnisha

I am from the struggle.

Tough times don't last forever, tough individuals do.

I am from a belief in God.

Keep him first and never give up.

I am from progress.

A change has come.

I am me! I am Johnisha

I am the youngest of 10, the second female.

The spoiled and outgoing one.

I am in love with fashion.

Underwear and perfume is me.

I am sweet as candy.

Shopping, texting and working.

This is me.

I am different, yet an amazing person. 

I am blessed more then I should be.

Yet times still can be hard.

I am not like others, but I caught your eye.

Do you hear me? I am ME!

I am a soon to be Broadcaster/Journalist the eyes and ears.

"Aware of all my surroundings."

I am the one you guys can look up to.

Elementary, middle, or high school.

I am a role model.

"It isn't about where your from, it's about where your going"

I am Johnisha.

I am change..

I am a leader...

I am ME!


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