Who am I?

Who am I? A great question this is, the best way to know is to live what I've lived.  So with pen in hand, I'll write to you, the story of me in the best way that I can.

My story begins ten years ago, a girl of seven moving to place unknown. In Pennsylvania I make my home, where I'll learn to sing and I'll learn to mourn.

Good friends I made and will never replace, they stood by me whatever the case. So sad you'll learn, what happened to me, I had to grow up by the age of fourteen.

A baby was born, my sibling number seven, but was instead called early to heaven. When I turned fifteen there was no sunray, for her funeral was held  on my birthday.

My family was shattered, and my mother was torn, I had to learn what it meant to mourn. An escape I found where I felt I belonged, I found strength in singing songs. 

Just one year later you'll be happy to hear, a sister was born with laughter and cheer. It was not easy I will insist, for through all this my mother was sick.

A disease we found with initials M.S; it makes her life hard and causes stress. It worries me to see her this way, the everyday things just cause her more pain. 

Although said to be wrong, my emotions I hid, "because" I explained, "I have to stay strong." My siblings I cared for, I cooked and I cleaned, and when they were crying, they'd come to me.

In junior year I went to a new school, I made new friends who thought I was cool. It didn't last long because in the spring, I heard the news that I'd be moving.

Many tears I cried for I didn't want to go, this was my home where I've lived and I've grown. I said goodbye to those who loved me, and left that place at the age of seventeen.

South Carolina is where I now live, but Pennsylvania is where my heart is. I still remember how I learned to be strong, so I'll straighten my back and I'll sing my songs.

So, who am I? How silly a question. I'd answer you, but who's to determine? It's the lessons you learn through the story of you, and mine is not over so you'll have to stay tuned.








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