That's a good question

I am...

I am..

I am?

Who am I?

I think I am just a girl

Trying to make it in this world without breaking

I think I am just a girl

Who wants to look in the mirror and like what she sees

Just once

I think I am a student

Surrounded by people that only lift me up 

But the pressures in this world still try to weigh me down 

I think I am just an African-American

Who is tired of the world using her melanin as an excuse to hold her back

I think I am just a woman

Who is tired of her body being the topic of conversation

I think I am just tired

Of always being the strong one

I think I am just tired 

Of the abundance of school and the lack of sleep

When I am asked who I am

No one understands 

That I'm still figuring that out 

But if I had to answer 

I would simply say

I am Lauren

I am 15

I am a high school junior




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This is so powerful. It gave me chills.

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