I Am From

I am from creativity, science, and music notes

   From Picasso and Prismacolors, DNA and Mozart

I am from the bustling bodies among the smokey atmosphere

   From the beeps and honks of cars, trucks, and taxis

   And the low and high of many buildings

I am from helpful, weird, thoughtful, and ambitious

   Extra Caramel? Arizona with sugar? Singing in the streets?- Yes!

   Compassion towards the weak and aspiration towards the strong

I am from no milk consumption, but ice cream

   And cheese were okay to consume

I am from “never give up” and “haters gonna hate”

   From peace to justice, and from tenacity to flexibility

I am from the “Ok”, not the “Okay”


In the spring, seeds spring to life

Dandelions dance across the wind, and land

Shower comes with a refreshing hello,

Then a new flower greets the world.

I am that dandelion

And I am from dandelions

With their wish come true

As the seeds sputtered through the breeze

And my own dream, my own uniqueness,

   and my own seeds to plant



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