I am...Two Sides Of A Penny

I am... Two sides of a penny

Bright side
Dark side
Two sides of a penny
You can't have one without the other. 
In the sun copper is multiple colors
Just like me
Just like my hair
Just like my personality
Welcome to reality. 
I'm a Gemini and I'm young
I'm naive and high strung
I work hard and procrastinate 
I never start homework till forty past eight. 
I be the best that I can be
But still no one understands me.
I am short and smart
With a big mind and huge heart
I can be happy, ecstatic
Fun and enthusiastic
But its not the same
When someone rains on my parade. 
I'm very emotional and I get upset a lot
I don't know why, I don't give it much thought
As to why I am the way I am
All I know is there are two sides to me.
I'm serene 
Then green
I'm a stubborn machine
I'm quiet and sweet
I don't like to be beat
I fight my problems and try to solve them.
I stress 
I'm a mess
That can't be cleaned. 
Flip a coin
Pick and choose
Heads or tails
Bright or dark
Up or down
Smile or frown
You flip one side and I can be jovial
But the other side is not so noble
I'm two sides of a penny 
I reflect in the sun
Now I'm glad this poem is done. 
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