Redefining Definition

Defining yourself

should be simple.


For example,


I’m 17. Five foot two.


Brown eyes and hair too.


I’m smart,

All As and one B.

SAT scores off the chart.


Dedicated, loving, and caring

Anxious, stressed, and worrisome.

Hardworking and independent.


Clear. Straightforward.

I’m defined.


But what if

I don’t see that as definition.

If I see it as murky,

a clouded, unfocused lens.

What if my idea of definition

Is to remain undefined?


I’m not set in stone,

I don’t have a steady pace.


This finite definition worries me,


Maybe that’s not who I was


And who knows who I’ll be



A solid definition

Isn’t realistic.


I’m ever changing. A swirling line.


My definition is too remained undefined.










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