I Am More..

People out here don't think wisely

They think it’s cool to go out get drunk and smoke weed

instead of thinking it’s cool to get ahead in school

Most out here follow in their past generation’s footsteps

Not Caring about who they hurt

or how they damage their own future

Out here no one expects much from my generation

they see us as failures in the making


i AM more

I don’t intend to become influenced by the wrong crowd

I intend to shoot farther than the stars’ existance

I don’t intend to raise a child at 16

I intend to raise my grades at 16

I don’t intend to focus on who’s popular and who’s not

nor do I intend to go to school only to see boys

I intend to go to school to ONLY focus on my education

I am more than their expectations

I am more than those before me’s mistakes

I am more than you think



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