I Am... Scholarship Slam

I Am... a mother first. I make sure i have enough hours in the day to watch my daugther grow. Everyday i wake up i wonder if today will be another day as it was before. I've been through the struggle of not knowing where I will end up or how I will get my next meal. My daugther is my inspiration, she sees me only for a few hours a day from school in the day, work in the afternoon then back home to kiss her goodnight. When she see me, she smiles like it was her first. From then on I took a vow to always make her smile no matter the cost. I currently go to school as an MA taking multiple steps forward. But when I get a bill about medicals or fraud I take 27 steps back. Hoping one day the lord would see my potential & give me a shot at greatness for the world to see. I am a mother first but a slave to humanity in the real world. Working minimum wage at a resturant that treats you like you are nooone, like you have no voice or nothing to prove. I tried to take my chance at greatness but I am currently at my final steps backwards in the depts of my own misery of depression. Depressed form seeing how people treat you and what they see when their eyes are barely open from the possibilities that you are destined for something great. They don't see me, they see a young looking mother who looks 16 with a baby. And not someone who is in college for greatness, who is a mother trying to hold her own, an employee who had a shot to be a big boss but glitches kept coming up and a woman who struggles to hide the truth from it all. What do you see? I see someone destined as a great mother. I Am... a great mother. I Am... trying to become someone so that I won't become nooone.

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