Freestyle Season

Sun, 10/11/2015 - 21:19 -- neb100

Recently life's been good
Or so it has seemed
I've done all I've could
To create myself redeemed
From sports to music to school ive schemed but I'm missing the life that's in need

I'm talking the bros I don't give time to
The hoes I do crime to
This moment is mine so I'll use it to rhyme fume
The time I waste i wont get back
I know these are the years but I'm set on a track. Like a train with no stop and no going back its for me to confess that im feeling  wack.

Yeah Im building success sure
But what for.
Success ain't shit.
Yes What's wealth all for yourself.
Crest on all gain with no pain but that ain't the game cuz thad make us insane

I see a pretty dress but she ain't the one
Cuz I set my heart once thinking I'm 1 for 1.
See that was the case till she left me in haste taking my heart wrapped up in  her pretty suitcase.

I'm not obsessed with money
At least not for the goods
Ya see i stress about the money for the damaged neighborhoods
Ive seen what the lack of it effects
The troubles that connect , the fights from the depths and it hurts till you correct.

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