I Am.... Reflections

I am what you choose to see.

The reflections of your actions,

the words you speak.

I am the light you let in,

or the darkness you allow to consume thee.

I am power and in control, 

I am you and much more.

What you may become you can foresee

so that you may change it 

or simply let it be. 

I am your worst nightmare

that you can stare,

cause I dont know if you realize

but I much dont care.

You're my nightmare,

for you could change me.

But driving you crazy,

makes me oh so happy.

I am the worst, the meanest,

the most coward, and oh trust me I'm demeaning.

I am evil, and never desired

so when hurting others, I never get tired. 

I bring fear and anger out of others.

I am a bitch, the devil's creation

the one of many reflections.

What's that? Now you see?

I am you.

A simple reflection.

It's you and me.

Seen by the mirrow on the wall.

You are the most evil of all.

But don't scatter away,

please wait there and stare.

For you have the power,

the power of change.

So that when you look in the mirror,

you don't become scared.

See we are humans, and have choices

to speak kind words with our voices.

We can choose to help those in need

and fill others with warmth and glee. 

I am malleable to your liking,

so make me kind 

and make me smiling.

I am you.

The person you choose to be.

There's a path to take,

there's a path to make.

Choose wisely

and very carefully.

Because once you choose,

You're stuck with me.

So what wil it be?

I am .....................?


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