The Fat Kid

I am the fat kid.

The frizzy haired,

Loud mouthed

Fat kid.

I am the one

People pretend not

To notice.

I am the one

Who cannot fade

Into the background

Because everything about me is loud.

I am the one who

Pleads to be unseen.


I am the student

Who asks a million


I am the student

Who begs for projects.

I am the student

Whose dog really ate their homework.

I am the student

You call home to say

“I’m worried Susie doesn’t

Interact enough with her classmates.”


I am a bruised knee.

I am a paper cut.

I am every

Grade School trauma

There ever was and ever will be.


I am not the kids

Who teased me

And I am not the teachers

Who didn’t stop it.

I am not the hairdresser

Who told me my hair was “unfavorable”

And I am not the school nurse

Who told my mom to

“Pack a lighter lunch.”

I am heavy hearted

And I am a good listener.

I cherish my friends

Because I know

What it’s like

Not to have any.

I am strong willed

And I am respectful.

I am the cliche

Fat kid

And I wouldn’t have

It any other way.


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