Kick, Dance

Once again i Kick, Push along the Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. Waiting for september to end i chase the pursuit of happiness until im high enough to rule the world. I choose never to sleep because its the kin to your last breath, yet i continue to dream the dream that stevie can see. I hope one day he will treat me right like he say she say because when the fighters have died and im the coolest, i wanna say it was you and not hip hop who saved my life. Until this happens im daydreamin' among the flowers strapped with my hot revolver. Looking for houstatlantavegas so she can hold on to the wings of a hero and watch as we all fly into the flashing lights. She asks me "can i live?" but i told her she will find out in el manana. Lucky me, thinking about charlene while im runnin from the runaway love. Going so fast that life is like a slide show. Thank god im gone but not dead because i refuse to miss nothin. I will hear their confessions as it burns, but thats what it was made for. Drowning them out i hear the drums holding on as i lay emotionless. The lil girl gone seduces me until i apologize for loving her gently. She tells me im her boo but then leaves and all im left with is the ghost of you. I find the truth and realize the world is black. As i believe in this truth i see the murder in this world and i wonder when changes will come. Then i decide i will change and life goes on. I tell my dear mama goodnight and then i cross the roads on my way to love buddah. I remember those who tried to bring me down and i start wishing i was with you. I lose myself while singing for the moment but when im gone i know bonnie and clyde will remember me. Using my heart as a brain i take you down and forever i say goodbye. At war with god for the crimes i have done i fight and make this my world. I once heard em say that nothing last forever but you still make me feel alive. The game's pain seems to echo and make me so sick until im screaming for them to let us live. The affair on the gentleman are lost on a road and will not be forever young. Hate it or love it but i have an empires state of mind while i dance with you, a mile from heaven.

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