Sun, 10/18/2015 - 23:28 -- cindydb

I am brave

I have the courage now to face the world and all it has to offer

No longer is it full of dread and regret and fear

But of wonder and a broad horzion dying to be explored

I am not afraid of the future no more

I am not afraid of the unknown

I welcome it with a warm embrace

Because I know deep down

That it is envitable 

So I will face it as it comes

Strong-willed and courageous enough to stare it in the eye

But humble and thoughtful enough to appreciate it

The unknown is a gift from above

It will help me travel down the road of sucess

Over any obstacle that comes in my way

Without the weight of fear dragging me down

I am no longer inadequate

I am whomever I want to be

A poet or even a doctor

I am ready for the world that's out there

I will face it with my head held high 

And a smile on my face

I am brave


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