Garden of Eden

You look in the mirror and see yourself,

But really it's not you at all.There are your eyes, so green.A soft, fuzzy moss For me to lay and dream.There is your long, blond hair:A sweet, sandy beach,Sweeping us all alongIn lazy waves.There is your lips and your nose.A button on topAnd a smile that curls.There are your ears,With pearls hanging loose,Ready to drop,With each breath.But you are so much moreThan a simple look At a clear sheet of glass,Reflecting back. It does not show youThe demons you facedOr the scars you hideBehind a facade.It does not express The smiles you causedOr the laughs you gave.For darling,The girl looking back,The one in the mirror,Wasn't always who you saw.Remember a monster,With her heart torn out,And claws for handsTo scratch at the invisible linesThat marred your skin.And an icy gaze that burnedEverything. It shows not the dreams you holdOr the nightmares you forgave,The ghosts that haunt behindA sheer curtain of lace,Or the fact that all those thingsMean nothing. You are the books that you readAnd the maps that you trace.The characters you drawAnd the words that you crave.You are hot chocolate daysAnd winter nights,Tucked away in a blanketOut of sight.You are folded back pagesAnd ripped jeans,With paint on your handsAnd ink on your face.You are the tears in your eyesWhen you force yourself not to cry;The laugh hitched in your throatAs your eyes dart up,Not willing to break a silence,So warm and so cold,Of the fear of being alone. You are the mint toothpaste you favorAnd the pizza that you pick at.The water that trails down your cheekAnd the smile that stings.You are the smell of vanilla,Lingering on your clothes,And the Chuck Taylor's that clad your feet,Taking each step you takeAs if it's your last(And your first)To the next great adventure.You are the strokes that you makeAgainst the keys-Each soft note, vibrating.The words that escape your mouthAnd meet at your fingertips,Ready to be readAnd remembered You are the invisible soulThat lingers in the nightAnd every look you take,In a false vicious mirror,Is just a glimpse at the whole:A star in a sky so fullAnd a ripple in an ocean,For you are so much moreThan a simple glance.And listen to the wind as it whispers, so low,That who you are is meAnd I know what I've seen.    


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