I am... like a painted picture

I am like a painted picture...

As they pick up the brush

The bristles slightly hit the paper

They move their hand in every direction across the paper

Bringing various colors together to form a mixture....


I glance to see what they make of me

They paint this smart, focused, little girl

She looks quiet and shy...

Having high expectations for what she should look and act like

Trying to keep her on one canvas


But I do not wanted others to paint a picture of myself

I want to be known as the brave, independent, intelligent grown teenager

As I mix colors to show my bright personalties as a loving and fun person


I am devoted

I am an individual

I am smart

I am determined

I am movitvated

I have my own dreams


I sit at my desk, alone at night

Painting that picture of myself

Showing others that I am independent, and make my own decisions

Once others see my painting, I want them to see that.....

I am.... Crystal








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