I Am the One Who

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 21:31 -- R_Nava

I am the ambitious, young woman who was doubted

The one who was told to stop

The one who was told who she should be

However, that was merely the words of a quitter

Envious of my drive and aspirations

And my willingness to be independent in a man's world


I am the student who rose to the challenge

The one who was scared to raise her hand in class

The one who sat in the  back to avoid confrontation

However, that was outgrown as a burning desire to learn grew strong

That desire turned into a passion

Passion that pushes towards success


I am the one with a vision

The one who saw the world change people

The one who was told it is impossible

However, that is a lie

Anything is possible in this world

Someone just has to start the change


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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