I realized that I have Something to Say

But Nothing to Say

I have something to say in a Moment,

that's deep and describes me in a Moment

But when I have the Pen and Paper to Say

a Moment exactly in a Moment how I felt, it's gone

But I'm a woman, discovering her own words, still

I'm using the words of other Women to

define how I feel at an exact Moment

I'm a woman, discovering my own inspiration 

and Confidence, though I still look to other 

Women for Inspiration

But I AM coming into my own

I'm not mature and experienced enough

to even Understand My Own Words

My words, always filled with a burning fire and passion in my mind, But

they never transfer to my paper in the 

Same way

The passion might not be seen or

Understood but the Attitude is 

always there

MY Attitude

My Own Words, burning holes in my head,

the color of the sun

Them, leaving my tongue like fire,

leaving a trail of Smoke behind them,

Lingering, the smell, the ash, that piece of darkness

blots out the already dark sky

Not only are my Words lingering for

that Instant, but leaving stains,

like grass in the jeans of the 5 year old that loves to be outside,

like red wine spilled on the white silk shirt of the woman at the party,

like the crimson rust left on the side of a car after a long winter of Salt filled streets

My Words burning in Their Brains

The EXACT same way they burn in my own


the way Hot Coffee kills the taste buds

the way Acid burns the skin

the way Desire burns the 


My Words,

killing them softly, smoking their souls from their own bodies

Only to suck the air full of me

and My Words back into their Lungs

Gasping, as if they are waking from a Bad Dream

But 'My Words' are no Bad Dream

But the reality of a Woman

growing into her own Womanhood 

Of a girl, leaving her childish 

Moments of naivety behind to the 

Moments of Being a Lady, though

I may be hurting inside,



Being able to leave My Notebook of Quotes

Written by others behind,

To slowly fill notebooks with My own

Capturing the Moment in the Moment

Capturing the colors painted across the sky 

with a setting Sun in words

Capturing the sound of a bird's wing 

carrying it against the Wind in words

Capturing the smell of the rain

before during and after the Storm in words

Capturing the feel of the puckered Skin

of a raw chicken breast on its way into the oven in words

Capturing the taste of his lips as I kiss

him Hello in words

Attempting to Capture  nothing but LIFE

in Words

Leaving Me stumbling and in shock

like a fish out of water

flopping on the Deck of a boat with a hook still

through its lip trying to find its Way

back to the Sea

Leaving Me Speechless when I had

a whole Speech Prepared

Leaving Me Scared and Anxious when I know

something inside and out

Leaving Me to Be Me

Leaving Me to Carve My Words

into an Eternal Tree with a Plastic Spoon

Difficult, but not impossible

Leaving Me in the Hospital with

every single bone Broken from leaving

my Mark on this World

But not my spirit, my soul, my inner animal

That remains strong and fierce with

a passion, with Eyes Burning

My Words, 

My Own Words,


(Like Catching a Snowflake on My Tongue

a Burning Moment?)



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