I am... ME

If you would take a look at who I am now…

You’d be shocked at the past that trailed behind me…..

I was a person who cried at every harmful thing thrown at me,

But laughed at it in front of others,

 As if nothing had phased me.


I was the laughter of people’s jokes,

The definition of weird? That was me.

A tomboy at heart, who loved dragons and skateboards,

But hated Barbie.

I was the bully’s victim and,

I was a person who suffered with learning disabilities.



A lot has changed since then.

I may not be famous, and it’s okay

If I may fail every time I try something,

Because in the end,

I know exactly who I am since that little memory

That I used to call….



I am the daughter of Ninette Rosa,

Both the splitting image of both my mother and father.

No longer am I ashamed,

For being clumsy or being weird.

No longer am I afraid of falling, for when I do

I will rise and keep on trying.

Though no longer a tomboy, I put on make-up and paint my nails

But that little, “dike” as people would call me,

Will always remain.

And that’s okay.


Because who I am….

Is a girl who had been beaten and battered,

And left with many open wounds that are better than

Scars and ones that will remain,


My existence and who I am,

Stands taller than any skyscraper itself.

For I know that there are others who may not love me, but

My lord, my savior, my friends and family

Will always be the ones that stand beside me.

They know where I stand, and understand

Everything that is all a part of me.


I am a woman, who enjoys laughing, and drawing, and writing.

I am a girl who embraces her flaws and

Learns from her many mistakes,

Because in the end, that’s who I am.


I am both sinner and saint.

I am both rich and poor.

I am both unshakeable yet shakable.

Both breakable, yet unbreakable.

Both a girl, yet a woman.


But most importantly,

I am the girl my parents are proud of,

For I am….



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