Laugh, but (k)no(w) Love

As a kid when asked

What I wanted to be

I always said a witch.

I still look back on my little self

And Laugh.

It's still true,

Of course.

I Love magic

Though more from behind the scenes.

I always thought my life

Would be like one of those kid's movies

Ghibli or Disney.

I would find out I had some sort

Of magical quality

And meet others through it.

Always thought I would meet some guy

Save him with whatever the quality was.


I've grown up.

I am still waiting for

The day

I realize my magic,


So much has changed

For I realize

I am magic.

I am the stars in the sky

I am the light in my own eyes

I am the galaxies I dream of

I am my own person.

I am who I am

I am in Love with myself

I am alone

I am in Love with that.

I do not need a man

Not a woman

Nor any individual

To make me Happy,


I am


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