Who I am


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Who I am 

who i am is more than just a face in the crowd 

who i am is more than meets the eye

who i am when you look at me is not who is on the inside

all my life im reminded of the pain of my past

who i used to be is eating at my insides trying to break free

but ive given up on trying ive been doing it to long

but failure isnt the only thing that makes me 

because even though ive lost so many wars to the point where im on my knees

that doesnt mean that i havent won a couple fights 

and even in the ones i lost i gave it my best shot 

I fought and fought and not once did I back down

so I guess I could give it one last shot 

i will keeping on fighting till i die

because after all thats just who I am 

so if you opened up a dictionary 

and looked for a word to describe me

you would end up looking in the D's 

and under the word dedicated

would be a picture of me

because thats just who I am


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