Enjoying Poverty to Enlighten Success


The lessons that I learned.

The hard work ships are something that I affirmed.

The unbearable pain makes me get what I deserve.

A little tiny girl that dreams of a big world.


Coming from a house where candles lit up the room .

No money for the bills in the house I assumed.

But the light still shines so bright in the gloom.

Because that little girl chasing dreams to the moon.


Good grades since kinder .

A’s & B’s in school.

Had a plan for my future.

Parents always enforced the rules.

Never had much, but promised we would have much soon.

Parents had a plan, they told me keep going to school.


I keep my standards up because I want to get paid

To give back to less fortunate I always thought this way.

My family came from poverty they gave me all that they saved.

They deserve more and  I’m entitled to make a change.


Being pressured for scholarships because we have no money for college.

I am trying really hard I know I have enough knowledge.

My heart and future plans will most likely get me there.

But what if college doesn't accept me because I dont have the right faire.


I am really determined and thats how I defined me.

I have a plan to overcome and follow all my dreams.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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