I've grown

Walked down the stairs with two left feet

opened up the door that spelled "kindergarten"

Couldn't read but, I guessed and took my seat

Oh, I just wanted to be in my bed

So, I closed my eyes and hoped to be home

and here I was a senior in high school

I sat in my desk and saw a sign

a sign that read "high school"

Thoughts rushed through my head

I kept thinking how fast I've grown up

when I first learned how to ride my bike

when I received my first lunch detention slip

when my motives for good grades was for a new phone

when I walked to the altar to get my certificate for graduating eight grade

to having my first heartache

to friend groups changing by the year

to now, as a senior that's headed into a new start on my own

I've grown

I've grown to love my culture

I've grown to be myself

I've grown to accomplish objectives for myself 

I've grown to be confident

I've grown to learn right from wrong

I've grown to be unique 

Years passed and I still sit in a chair

hoping to be home 

The difference now

The home I hope to be in is the new environment I'll be around for the next few years

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