Dreamers Do Great Things

What do you think of,

When you pass everyone

On the street, in the halls?

Do you imagine the lives they live,

Winding and intertwining with your own

For the split second you glance at each other,

Eyes and mind already forming preconceived notions

Based on appearance and attitude.

Do you ever imagine

That you could be wrong?


I know people have been wrong about me,

Have seen it in their faces

As they pay no more attention to me than a passing glance

Shot sidelong out of the corners of their eyes.

They think many things, all readable in their expressions

Ranging from contempt to curiosity.

I bet they never guessed the truth.


My baggy clothes and hanging head

Hiding not shame, but curiosity.

Brain buzzing with thousands of questions and ideas

Just begging to get out, find some outlet into the world

Through which they can run free

And spread their wings of imagination.

I think up over a thousand scenarios a day,

From fictional universes

To the very real possibilities of my life

And how I may live the rest of it.

The desire to become a veterinarian,

Helping sick and hurting animals

Who need help and compassion during trying times.

Or a farmer, caring for a plethora of animals.

Horses, sheep, cows, goats

All grazing in the fields

As I harvest crops for the market.


Sometimes I journey to distant dimensions

Never before accessed by humans.

I traverse rocky terrain,

Exploring great planets of snow and trees

While studying the local fauna of the land.


Yes, behind this unsuspecting visage

Lays a mind rife with imagination and life.

People can think what they like of me

But I know, without a shadow of a doubt

In my entire being, that I am a dreamer.

And dreamers do great things. 

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