A Storm Within


Blood throughout my flesh

Blood that stings my flesh

Blood that spills from every pore

And burns throughout my soul


It gives me life

It heals inside

But kills when spilled

And drained away


Pain that suffocates my bits of love

Pain that shreds my every bone

Pain that stabs my mourning heart

With ceaseless rage

And endless strength

A storm then builds inside

My every sense of self

I vanish.

Nothing makes sense

A moonless night assails

I can’t see light

I can’t feel life

I’m shattered.

But this distress,

This distress I love

I love the pain

I love the throbbing from my flesh,

The inner bleed

Inflicting me

It gives me life.

It gives me hope.

For when this storm recedes,

The light that will proceed

Will be brighter than the

Light before the storm

For I will know

How darkness feels

And will see light

Through brand new eyes

It will redeem

My every fight

My every battle

Fought to stay alive

The clouds above

Will fly away

And sparks of light

Will guide my steps

To better life

With brighter dreams

Ahead of me.

The stars will shine

Until the sun

Awakes to burn

My pain away.

And after this, oh bitter taste,

I will enjoy

A sweeter taste

That will console

My shattered soul

But with no storm,

I would not see

My every blessing

Surrounding me

The calm, bright days

And cheerful waves,

I would not know

Without this pain.

I love this pain.

It is a part

Of who I am. 

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