Where do I begin?


I am... Scholarship Slam
I am... Scholarship Slam
United States
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I do not know where to start,

I am not talking about this poem,

but where to start with my life.

Has it already started?

Will this piece of paper change my life?


I do not know where I will be in 5 years,

I can get in to 1000 colleges, 

But I might go somewhere that I am unhappy.

Will I go to my dream school that is so much money?

Or, will I go to the cheap college down the street?


When I grow up I want to help people,

I want to make people happy,

I already do help others.

Has my life already started?

Or, will it start when I get a steady job?


I do not know where I m going,

That is not only with college,

But it is with my life.

If I am a teacher will I change a students life?

Will I keep a student out of a messy situation?


I know who I am,

I know what I can make of myself,

I care more about others than myself.

Will I continue to help change lives?

Or, is it time to finally listen to my head instead of my heart?


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