My Revival


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As the sun trickles up past the horizon, memories of my revival bleed into me and I recall my purpose; being my better self. Some people hit the lowest of lows and need a 12-step program, rehab or an undying belief in an organization or religion to save them from their darkness… I just needed to remember who I am and have always been; resilient, strong and ambitious. It was then that I realized that all my dreams and passions did not go hand in hand with my darkness that I woke up to the light blinding me into reality. Sometimes it is necessary to go to the farthest depths of the ocean to want to breathe in the crisp and fresh air above the sea’s waves, to have a near death experience to want to live another day and even lose all you’ve ever loved to want to feel loved even just once more. This is my inspiration; my failures and my loss because that is the constant reminder of why I’m doing the best I can every day. I am a better me every day the sun’s rays flood over the horizon and shower the Earth’s surface with its warm promise of life, I am a better me to show my flawed and selfish past self that that they will not conquer my present and do not define my future, I am a better me for no one other than myself.

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