I Think of You Always

I think of you always.  how you came to me.  unexpected.  not expected at all, really.  a pefect match.  in an instant you saved me.  and we grew together,  you and I.  sometimes, in the beginning, I would forget you were there.  you melted ever so gently into my life.  embedded so naturally.  

I think of you always.  days of realization.  of hatred.  of finally seeing you for what you truly were.  foregin.  a parasite.  you had to go.  if you go, I go.  and that's ok.  I wanted to cut you out.  tear you out. no matter what.  and drift away with you.  that was the only way.  so I began to destroy myself.  because of you.


I think of you always.  of how you always find a way to stay with me.  loyal and strong.  You destroy me more with each day.  each day you rip a new bit away. of. me. so. slowly.  first my legs. second my feet.  lastly my mind.  you overwhelm my whole body until.  there is nothing.


I think of you always.  each pill I feed you keeps us together.  you continue to beat for me.  you will never stop. you will never stop me.  I get up. I create. because of you. thanks to you.  I have story.  new eyes.  better reasons to keep going.  to push harder.

you are my heart, and I will think of you always.  


- dedicated to my heart that has been with me since October 23, 1992.

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