I Can't See

I just can't see,

What's in front?

What's behind?

Something's creeping close around I dare not try to find what tries make me their hunt,


How did I get here?

Who was that?

What is this?

Suddenly I've found myself snared in a trap like some verminous rat,


Fear building,

Heart racing,

What to do?

Now I finally discover what all I had been built to be facing,


It's worse than any monster or perilous danger to be faced,

What deeply followed me was the possibility of being completely erased,

Not just from paper or imaginary text,

But from this face of this Earth which cause me to be vexed,


Started from my own insecurity of my true or absolute importance,

I gave in to peer pressure to make the friends I thought I wanted,

When I came to understand all of their horrid intentions,

It had already been too late and of they damage they had done I would be the only one it haunted,


As I fell from the darkness I'd been exposed to,

Something miraculous and powerful had occurred,

From with all the people who truly cared about me, 

Helped to ease my pain and mend my vision which had been blurred,


With what I've experienced and all that I've learned,

I'll teach others that no matter what you can't see and from all that you've yearned,

What really matters and helps to be complete,

Is that people will always be around with no other's affections do you need to compete.






This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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