Nothing Can Define Me; I Am Everything

Though I may be the one
That sits in the back of the class
And doesn't say a word,
Who has too much to say but
Doesn't even know where to start
I may be the one who lays in the road in the the middle of the night
Looking at the stars and sometimes wishing
Wishing for another life
Maybe I'm the one who pushes up my glasses every second of every day 
Because they fall down my nose 
Yet I am too stubborn to wear contacts
Somedays my thoughts pour out like a shower
And other days they merely drip like a leaky faucet
Waiting to be turned on and let flown in a steady stream
Or turned off, to be spoken and thought and pondered another day
I'm hopelessly in love with the idea of being on my own
In my own place, doing my own things
And at the same time, terrified to leave and make my own decisions 
But the best part of it is, I am me
I am free to be all of this and all of the above
I am sunsets and sunrises and earthquakes and tsunamis 
I am mountains and meadows and oceans that kiss the shore
I am the dusk that settles down upon the earth and covers it like a big blanket
I am everything all at once and maybe, if you look close enough, 
You'll see that that is all I could ever ask for
Just being me
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