I am no one else

Wed, 06/08/2016 - 00:36 -- J.sirls

I am a teen.
Who is not seen.
But one day I will become a woman.
For I know this because I have a passion.
To excel what others have already propounded for my future.
Many days I lose faith but always remember what I want to achieve.
I want happiness and education.
I want to live a life without worries or doubt.
I want to have the financial freedom of those who have never had to check a pricetag.
I will achieve this through education and preserverance.
I am a child of a loving mother who works and struggles for my well being as well as my sister's.
I am the daughter of a negligent father who has never fully been there for me.
But nevertheless i will succeed.
I came across the I am scholarship just going through an endless array of scholarship options.
I will not give up until I succeed in making my journey to college come true.
I am uniquely me, a girl with a dream to pursue a higher education for myself.
I am proud and confident.
I am a daughter ,learner , teacher,student ,friend and a soon to be woman who will stop at nothing to make my dreams come true.

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