I Started Small

I started small.


I don't mean this purely in physicality, 

Though, physically speaking, I was purely small

And purely pure, as well.


This emotional and physical purity was short lived by my long days

And even longer nights.

I would lie awake thinking,

And we all know how thinking is a very dangerous thing to do.

But I thought about life and death and time and the universe and-


Overthinking was a strong suit of mine.

Unofrtunately, the strength of that suit tore my weak shell apart,

Leaving me isolated

In a jail of my own thoughts. 


But I got up. 


I've blossomed and I've coped

And I've managed to manage my deteriorating mental state.

I am perseverence.

I am determination. 

I am constantly brushing myself off 

And trying new things

And starting new days. 


I started small,

But I've grown so much. 

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