Two Shades


United States

Two Shades


There are two sides to every person

A person like me could

be expressed in a myriad of

complex fragments of broken glass

In such abstruse shadows

a mask can be found

a mask to convey

a quixotic view of

a person like me:


Blotches of creativity decorate my left features

below eyes weary from the past

a rather zealous heart beats

steadily to tattooed initials

a lightning bolt stands bright and strong

to smite the obstacles that serve no purpose

a green plant marks prosperity and growth

it all represents something super and beyond

mere comprehension




There are two sides to every person

The right side was slowly being consumed

by the dark shadows of the past, present,

and assumptions of the future

blotches have turned into scratches of pessimism

below teary eyes

an incomplete heart beats no more

the initials nowhere to be found

a lightning bolt has lost its form and was now dim

not as alert as it should have been

music attempts to keep the withering plant alive

it was ironic to believe that this side was natural


There are two sides to every person

Two shades of me


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