I Am

Molded by the people around me, physically and mentally

But the years go on and you start finding your own true individuality

Along this road we are all being shaped, whether we know it or not

Going to school, staying home, however you grew up, it's all how you're taught

Now, I don't believe your constricted to these elements of life

But it's up to you to change this upbringing strife

For me, when I wake up I love the people I get to see

But i am still very confused on who i am meant to be

They shaped me, molded me, drew me a line

Into a specific path that they told me I was supposed to find

I think it's what we do, we always need a plan

Scared of what's next in this fast paced life that someone just ran

I hope to be someone great

Because anything average isn't fate

Isn't that what everyone says though?

We all have these goals and aspirations but do they ever show?

I believe people get lost in the plan, held back by their thoughts and their inevitable fears

But it's up to you to be the one to prosper through these years

Because it is easy to forget that it is you who steers


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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