One Small Step for Happiness

I remember

She stood among the crowd of black and white, walking the same direction as the crowd

Where am I

She stopped in her tracks while everyone continued on their way

What is going on

Nobody would answer her; she was confused and felt all alone

Someone please, help me

The crowd seemed like it was going on forever and no one would turn her way

I'm scared

She wouldn't move

Should I walk towards the same way like everyone else

She closes her eyes

What should I do

The next moment was silent; the footsteps were no longer there

I am Lost

She opens her eyes; the view was blank

Everyone is gone

She was all alone, feeling helpless as can be

What do I do now

A light shines bright in the distances

What is that

She walks closer to it, scared and unsure

Is that me

A mirror shines bright at her; a girl stares back into her eyes

If that is who you want to be

The girl smiles and reaches out of the mirror for her hand

Are you sure it's safe

The girl answers

Sometimes, you got to make a change to be happy

She understood and grabs her hand

I am happy




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