I am...Who I am

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 13:42 -- janekat

   Lets say theres a little girl

she use to be the shyest girl who wondered about the world,

.and explore the meaning of this so called life!

with the little giggles she had, in the corner of the crowd

the little voice that said such worthwhile words that flowed like a river

yet she shivered since she always sat under the ac

sniffing, sniffle, then a sneeze

That's all she faced

until one day she was struck by lightning that was so frightening

and then the rain poured out, her house of hopes and dreams fell

she wondered why…

with her throat tightening with fear asking


Then she sniffled and sniffed the runny nose she had

but was not the ac

but, because her dreams have failed with the lies

told from the ones she loved the most

she had realized she was soft inside,

sensitive from the hurtful things in the world

so she build the walls of hope

then what? did she cry ? did she give up?

no...she became forceful, it wasn't easy so she was busy.

it took time.until one day.

She put her fist up in the air and yelled “I am who I am”

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