Whispering To the Future





The day ceasing,

She clasps her hands together,

Her eyes shut tight as she whispers her deepest desires,

“I wish to be…”

Every night she would hope to be something,

Every night; different words, prayed to the stars.


Though days continued to pass,

Leaving her in anguish as to what to be,

What to become as her future, her age,

became heavier upon her back,

She looked to the sky once again,

“I wish to be confident,

To be beautiful,

To be smart,

To be funny,

I wish to be…”,

Her dreams had become weighed down by life,

Her head ached with every thought,

Every wish,

She had become tired and confused,

Lost in the night, among the stars,

Wishing for the night to never end,

Though sleep would not allow it,

It weighed down her eyelids,

And once again,

She had fallen into a deep slumber.


When she awoke,

Her mind had become at peace,

And had come to a realization,

She had remembered the good things about her, not the bad, and not what she wasn’t,

So when she finally came to,

She looked up above,

A smile spread across her lips,

And she prayed once again,

“I wish to be nothing more than I am,

Nothing less than the girl whose cheeks become a vibrant red quicker than a second, for the simplest things,

To be nothing less than the girl, who always mixes up and trips up her words more than a few times a day,

To be that girl who always seem to find herself in the worse situations,

I wish to be,

The one who finds beauty easily,

To see the good for every person,

To be that girl who is slowly learning and evolving into the person who she is meant to be,

The person who she will become,

The person she is so close to becoming,

I wish to be her,

I wish to be me.”

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