Growth of a Bird

Child with wings, cut off to view society as something to become, however can I make a difference?


When I become something one day, points will be proven and points will be proven.


Meaning those who always believed in this soul flying bird will be word-perfect when my wingspan reaches 500 beyond measure. But those who I've sought to prove wrong with success and diligence will see that my spread has become more than I had in mind alone.


You'd hear¨Don't listen to that nonsense¨ but that crave for conscientiousness, lies within your heart? Negative it lies within my mind, my capability, my worth, my knowing, my life!


I'm set momma! I'm determined, I can I can I can. What limits are there besides lawful set asides? A remembrance that I am a bird, I have no one to prove but myself.


Who's my dependency, and who has flown for me? Not a lion, not a bear, and surely not the relative flights. I have patiently conquered my intentions and ambitions, soaring down to hunt my prey, I never backed down from a fight, even when others saw me at my weakest wing.


I've left my nest and applied what my surrounding associates have accommodated to my future flights and fights.




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