"Math is Stellar?" They Asked, Yes She Replied

I am a function

I am useful to kids in algebra, geometry, and calculus but nowhere else

Students hate graphing me by hand because of my complicated nature

I am the x-axis and the seconds in time it represents

I am the y-axis and the interactions in space it represents

These rudimentary elements make me up

I am the unknown z-axis and the feelings that are just as mysterious

I am rapidly moving and shifting and twisting and turning

Each quadrant houses a different aspect of my life

I am defined by family, friends, education, hobbies

I am passionate and spend time where time is deserved

Large domains to infinity could not possibly contain my life

I can move backwards in time through memories

I can travel to a place with a flashback but will wake up right where I started

Love, hate, brief passings make up the range of my life

I am made up by the interactions I have with others

I am nothing without these and flatline at zero, like the heart monitor of a son passing

And the derivative? You calculus kids ask. 

I am forced to move through time and space with this mysterious math element

I am forced to show the reasoning behind why I lashed out with this element

Representing myself as a series of dots on a line, some appreciate, some don’t

I am a function and I am stellar


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