I Am... the orange

Orange on the apple tree”

I'm trying to be who I was set out to be


I don't think that's who I want to be

Because honestly,

who I want to be

Is still trying to grow out of me


Not what people expect me to be

More like

how that red rose was once an ugly seed

now it's what people expected it to be


Or maybe I want to be the Orange on the apple tree

don't want to be a repeat of a something that I could never be..

Even if I wanted to.


But why is everyone so bound to society?

Looked up in a cage of regret and revenge


I need to find the solution

to all this confusion,


so caught up in pleasing others

then I end up stressing

to be a part of what I thought I was missing


because I tryna’ be who they want me to be


Who my parents want me to be

Who teachers want me to be

Who rappers want me to be

Who "friends" want me to be

Except for who I want to be

Except for that Orange on the apple tree.


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