Undefined Creature


I am the undefined creature

Nobody truly knows

A stranger in the shadows

A mysterious soul

So many long to know me

They try to understand

I only let a few in

Although they still don’t fully comprehend

Others try to discover the reasoning

Behind why I am the way I am

I know exactly what I want and exactly who I am

Like a drifter

I was destined to walk alone  

A raging war of emotions

Masked by kind friendly eyes

An image of deception

A rebel without a cause

A lover of the chase

A secretive spirit who understands all

Notorious for being indecisive

But particular to the T

Life dealt me these cards

I play them the best I can

I know all the rules of the game

I still manage to win

I am an undefined creature

Tell your children beware

I am a ruthless savage

Who has a considerate side

I am an undefined creature

Tell your children beware.

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